Friday, November 14, 2008


Dr. Dominic Mwenja, CMU President, had his book titled: Social Networks accepted for publication. His book comes at a time when social networks have come to define the new media and how individuals, businesses and organizations connect with each other.

The book focuses on Top Management Team Social Networks and how they are affected by the centrality of the founder of a company within the organizational structure. This concept helps explain how the centrality of the founder in turn affects the behavioral integration among the top management team. Details on how to get the book will be posted in a future posting.

Dr. Mwenja’s article on Board Influence on the Strategic Direction of Non-Profit Organizations has also been accepted for publication by the Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 4, April 2009. His co-author, Dr. Alfred Lewis is also a leading figure and professor of strategy.

By looking at strategic formulation influence from the Board of Directors of non-profit organizations, the article helps us understand how the strategic thinking processes of the leaders of the organization are shaped and how board influence may hinder or help in the achievement of a non-profit organizations various goals.